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Are you looking for a wireless charger that can charge two devices at once? If so, the Samsung Super Fast Wireless Charger Duo 15W is the perfect choice for you! This charger features super-fast wireless charging (up to 15W), so you can charge your devices quickly and easily. Plus, the built-in cooling system protects your devices from overheating, making it a great choice for use in high temperature and humidity conditions. The compact and smooth design is perfect for use on your desk or nightstand, and the tone of voice informs you of the charging status so you can keep an eye on your devices while they're charging.

One charger, two devices

With the Galaxy Watch and your favorite pair of headphones, you can now enjoy listening to music at any time.

Power your device safely

The Wireless Charger Pad is a sleek and innovative product that keeps your phone charged without the need for cords. With its built-in cooling system, this wireless pad charges even faster than competing products while using less power.

Protect your Galaxy device with a safe charge

The Galaxy charger is a great choice to keep your phone safe from high temperatures and humidity. It also has an automatic detection system that won’t charge when anything gets in its way, ensuring compatibility with all types of devices.

Designed to fit your space

If you don't want to mess with wires, the new Wireless Charger is perfect for when your phone needs some juice. It fits in any space and has a sleek design so it's easy to find.

Colors inform charging status

The LED light will intuitively tell you the charging status of your device with different colors: red for charging, flashing red when there’s an error in this process, and green when it's time to put on some relaxing lights. You can dim or turn them off completely so that they do not disturb sleep patterns.

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